So here’s a vulnerable post.

I believe in miracles. I believe in love.

I also have had some internal struggles as of late. Not horrible – nothing “caused” it – no drama, but struggles never the less.

Sometimes it seems that no matter what I do I don’t get ahead – or rather, there’s always more to do. More to figure out.

I “THINK” that I have to figure it all out. This morning I realized that I don’t have to figure it all out, and that it makes me tired trying too.

My “job” is to keep going and be present.

I woke up being grateful that I can just be OK with it. I mean, it’s life after all – right? Logged into email and I got this “note from the Universe” Mike Dooley ( – thank you!

Met up with the dearest, little angel over the weekend, Kathleen, but she was so, so sad.

She asked, in the sweetest of angel voices, how there can be so much love in the world, yet so few feel it. How there can be so much beauty, yet hardly anyone sees it. And how there can be so many miracles, yet most are ignored.

Poor thing.

So, Kathleen, I reminded her of something far more important. I reminded her that whether or not one knows of the love, they are still bathed in it. Whether or not they see the beauty, they still add to it. And whether or not they recognize the miracles, they still perform them, every single day.

Then, we both just beamed.

The Universe

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