Lots of clients – lots of fun!

I’ve been blogging a little more often lately. I’m kinda new with this website. Actually, I’m kinda new with this business. TekMiss that is. It took me a while to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. OK, I’m still figuring that out

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Do you know what your purpose is?

Your Purpose. Your Soul Purpose. Wow. Big stuff. Talking about finding your soul purpose is a bit woo woo. But I’ve found a lot more people are a lot more woo woo these days. Hmmm, that sounds like a Dr. Seuss-ism! I think HE knew what his

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Designing a Purposeful Website

I love my job. I really do. I get to work at home, with people who are very passionate about what they do. Typically they’re working for themselves and their marketing is almost like a love letter. A love letter to themselves. With that said, it sometimes

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Purposeful Blogging = Purposeful Online Marketing

What does it mean to blog purposefully? Hmm… that could imply a lot of things. I am purposefully going to market THIS product. In order to do that, I must tell a great story about how this product is going to make my reader’s life easier. Or

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Stop the Money Leak!

Great tips from Andrea Conway – Business and Personal coach She believes that people are NOT afraid to become successful. She believes that they are afraid of the CHANGES they will have to make in their lives and their relationships in order to be successful. It’s the

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