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12 Social Media Topics – A 2012 Marketing Calendar

So, it’s 2012 (it’s actually 01/02/2012 – cool!) The year the Mayan calendar stops. I love this cartoon. It illustrates how our own perception can make us crazy or make us crazy successful! We can look forward to the future with loads of dread and fear, or

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Holiday Gift – A Brand New E-Book – Facebook 101

Happy Holidays! I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks on how to thank everyone of my readers and clients. You see, I typically give away home made cookies candy to friends and family. And that’s what I WANT to give  to you all, but alas, the computer

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Creating a Mayan – oops… I mean Marketing Calendar

I’ve been preaching how important blogging is. I’ve been touting that social media is fun and effective. I’ve been telling folks that email marketing is the most effective way to touch people especially if it ties back to your blog and your FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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A Website Without an Authentic Message is Worthless (and a waste of time)!

How many people do you know have spend a zillion hours on a website and hate it? Do you know anyone who has spent money on a website and hate it? Who doesn’t??? It’s too bad because as the title of this blog post says, it’s just

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Sometimes it’s just plain DEPRESSING on the internet!

I was in a class at my church last week and I mentioned that I rarely watch or listen to the news because it’s just too negative. Today I was researching Sesame Street. A simple search in Google for “Sesame Street executives” brought up countless articles complaining

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People are lovin it!

No, I’m not talking about McDonald’s…. (I heard they have amonia in their hamburger meat – GROSS!) I’m talking about the people who’ve purchased the Purposeful Online Marketing Plans (POM Plans)… they are loving them. I’m getting comments like: “Thanks Kathy, this is such a huge relief!”

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Overcoming Overwhelm

Overwhelm seems to be a natural part of our world today. We literally have more choices today than we will ever be aware of. Think about it, there are billions of websites, thousands on every topic you can think of. There are shopping malls, restaurants, and local

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